Oregon Trail Day One

Finnegan, Benny, and I started our trip around 6:30 on Sunday, June 8. It was rainy and we encountered fog on our way to Asheville. I love the drive from Greer to Asheville, it was definitely hard to say goodbye to this picturesque route.

As we rolled on 40 in NC, “Jessica” by the Allman Brothers came on the radio. It was the perfect interlude for this stretch. Finn was pretty disappointed that we were not going to watch Top Gear.

We stopped at the TN Welcome Center and the guys enjoyed the scenery.


TN is a big state. They were happy to get off 40 until the saw how long we would be on 24. Benny lost it in KY and asked to be FedExed back to Oregon. We were stuck in traffic just the other side of the IL border and I knew our little crew needed a roadside attraction to lift our spirits.



We stopped in Metropolis, IL and had a nice visit before setting off again.

We spent time stuck in traffic on 57 and finally got rolling through the farmlands of IL.

Everyone was excited to see the arch in St. Louis but we still had about 99 miles to go. It was evening when we made it to Columbia but we made it and filled our bellies before hitting the sack.

Today, we ride for Cheyenne but before that, we thank God for our safe journey thus far.

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