Surreal skies were the focus of my last post. As it turns out, surrealism was the theme for 2019. Within days of writing that post, my mom would be rushed to the hospital. She would be gone from this world less than two months later. My dad was gone less than six weeks after that. My mother-in-law passed in June.

Last year, I vacillated between utter exhaustion and deep gratitude. When I was bone weary, there was always someone there to keep me going. Last year, I learned that family has nothing to do with shared DNA.

This year was going to be easier. This was the year of the comeback, only it wasn’t. It’s another year of weariness and thankfulness all rolled into one. We have been luckier than many, and for that I am grateful.

For many reasons, I need a creative outlet. I want to find a way to put something positive in the universe and provide support in the way my tribe supports me. Expect to see more from this space again.

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