Bayou Sauvage

Initially, Bayou Sauvage was our primary destination for day one of staycation 2020. After stumbling upon Boy Scout Trail Road during our final route planning, we made this site our second stop. I am glad we made the swap because blazing heat and dry conditions meant that Bayou Sauvage fell a little short.

The 25,000 acre refuge is within New Orleans city limits. Our research led us to expect alligators and birds. We got butterflies, an abundance of golden silk spiders, and flora. We also had access to clean, well-stocked bathroom facilities. On second thought, this huge win might have been better than a gator sighting.

We did not see the best that Bayou Sauvage has to offer, but I know the potential is there. I hope to check this site out again when the weather is cooler.

Happy 2019

Plate with pork, cornbread and greens

Lucky foods are a must for the start of the new year. Pork (forward progress), greens (spinach is our “cash”), black-eyed peas (pennies, also one of the few crops Sherman left Southerners following the Civil War), and cornbread (gold).

So far, we have been very lucky with warm, mild weather. I cleared gutters without falling off the ladder. We also witnessed a feeding frenzy at the bird feeder. Mr. McB got some great shots at the feeder. I spotted the cardinal after dinner and snapped a few pictures. I also got a photo of the squirrel who seemed unhappy that so many bids were eating from the feeder that he frequently robs.

Cardinal in the grassSquirrel

Louisiana’s Outback

Earlier this summer, we decided to explore the Creole Nature Trail. This wilderness route runs from just east of Lake Charles to Sulphur. The route has three spurs, two along the coast and one running to Lacassine National Wildlife Refuge.  The route does not have an abundance of gas stations and restaurants, so plan accordingly.

Our first stop was the Lacassine spur.  We saw a few small alligators and birds.

gravel road in Lacassinewater and lily pads in Lacassine

aquatic plant in Lacassine

Our next stop was Cameron Prairie National Wildlife Refuge. We took the Pintail Wildlife Drive. We saw several birds and an alligator. With a driving loop, the area is accessible for any visitor.

red-winged blackbird in high grass

Red-winged blackbird perched on a cattail

small orange dragonfly

Dragonfly on a reed

Glossy ibis in the sky

Glossy ibis

We drove along the coast stopping at a number of beaches, named and unnamed. We paid the admission fee to park and enjoy the Cameron Jetty. Even though we were only there for a short time, it was worth it.

pelicans in the water

Pelicans in the surf

brown pelican in the sky


glass bottle found on beach near cameron jetty pier

If there was a message in this bottle, it disintegrated years ago.

Egrets in the gulf of Mexico

shrimp boat

Shrimp boat

After crossing the Cameron Ferry, we visited the Sabine National Wildlife Refuge before heading to our hotel in Hackberry.

bird on a pipe


DSC_0092DSC_0101bunny flees at Sabine Wildlife Refuge

The following morning we doubled-back to Holly Beach before heading home. I found a shark’s tooth and a number of intact shells. I would later learn that some of those were still inhabited by aquatic hermit crabs that met a sad fate.

The wildlife refuges were my favorite part of the drive. Blistering heat kept the crowds at bay making it feel like we were the only ones in the park, and sometimes we were. Some of the refuges offered photo-blinds. I would like to give them a try when fall and winter arrive.

As for the beaches, the unnamed beach stops are plentiful and offer a cleaner, more rustic experience than the named beaches. The amount of trash on some of the named beaches was disheartening. In my opinion, litterbugs are selfish, not careless.

If you want to explore the Creole Nature Trail, and I do recommend it, take plenty of water, sunscreen, and insect repellent. I also recommend having snacks in the car and not letting your fuel level dip too low.


War with the roses

The fun sensor in my brain may be damaged. Last Saturday morning, I wanted nothing more than to clean the tile flooring. Who gets excited about something like that? Still, it left me feeling satisfied.

This morning, I turned to the yard foolishly thinking I could beat the heat. It began innocently enough, watering plants and pulling weeds from around my moss roses/portulaca. It progressed to using the weedeater and then doing battle with the roses bushes that grow beside our front porch.

These floribunda bushes produce small hot pink roses and huge thorns. While floribunda is not my favorite rose type, I like the pop of color they provide. I sometimes cut the roses and place the fragrant blooms in my late grandmother’s small jadeite cups.

Taking care of the roses means scratches and scrapes. During our January freeze, it meant shredding an old sheet when trying to cover the bushes I continue my efforts to try to shape them, resistance also continues. This morning’s battle ended in a draw. I have a puncture wound and new scrapes, mostly on my gardening gloves; my loop cutter claimed a few old gnarly limbs. We’ll both live to fight another day.

Much respect

I was raised by a stay-at-home mom. Through our frequent moves, she was a source of stability. I never thought that her work was easier than moms who worked outside the home. Different, not easy.

Over the last month, I have been reminded how hard homemakers work. There’s always a meal to be prepared, a floor to be swept, clothes to be laundered, infernal weeds to be pulled, errands to be run… it is endless. And, I am only looking after adults. 

What happened to the Pinterest wonderland from my last stint as a trailing spouse? Anything I’ve pinned over the last word weeks deals with eradication of weeds and pests. Word to the wise, vinegar weed killer is pretty rank. Ask me about its effectiveness later this week. 

Despite my whining, I am thankful for time to find the right job. I appreciate Mr. McB for putting up with my craziness. Even though it cuts into my Pinterest time, I am fortunate to have a freelance gig.

I am also in awe of homemakers. They’ve got nothing but respect from me.

Catching up

Louisiana welcome signDespite my best intentions, I didn’t have the energy to chronicle my drive from Oregon to Louisiana with nightly posts. I have photos and stories, so those posts will come.

I have been running since arriving in Baton Rouge on the 18th. It took a few days to complete the work that Mr. McB began in the house. Most of the heavy lifting is done with just the storeroom left to organize. Some decorating remains, but it feels like home. We are establishing little routines and building the “boring” domestic life we longed for.

I forgot just how taxing daily life can be after a move. WAZE is my best friend. Though even after I find the store, I don’t know where to find the items I need. There are no quick errands when everything is foreign. In the grand scheme, this is a minor complaint, but it doesn’t ward off the anxiety and exhaustion. We all have those moments for one reason or another.

I find myself surrounded by helpful souls who are willing to aid in my transition. Their kindness and concern is overwhelming, in all the right ways. My spirits are also buoyed by thoughtful friends and technology that shrinks the distance between us. Time spent with family fills my heart with a peace and happiness that knows no words. 

A new job will come. For now I am keeping busy with the search, freelance work, settling in and caring for our little family. It’s amazing how those items manage to keep me busy.

Life is good and I am thankful for every minute.