Photo Friday 15/52

Life has been a bit hectic lately. It’s all good stuff with lots of activity going on at work. This photo is from April 11 and the unveiling event for Clemson’s Formula and Baja SAE teams. Both of these student groups create vehicles for international competitions. It was an exciting night for the teams and the event went well.


Photo Friday 11/52

Photo Friday 11/52

Mr. McB and I are ships passing in the night. I left for Louisiana EARLY on the morning of the 7th and he left for Houston equally as EARLY on the morning of the 10th, the day I returned home. He won’t be back until late on the 21st. I have to work on the 22nd.

Instead of moping around the house, I decided to get out an enjoy a movie on Friday. I saw a matinee of 300 – Rise of an Empire. This was an entertaining bit of escapism but it wasn’t nearly as good as the original. I assume the third movie will be coming out shortly because this seemed like little more than a bridge to get us to the conclusion of the story.

Photo Friday 10/52

Photo Friday 10/52

My grandmother and I flew down to Louisiana yesterday to visit my parents, brother, SIL, and niece. The visit was a total surprise for my niece. It was so great to see her big smile as she came running off the school bus. I love this kid.

Photo Friday 9/52

While I was waiting for Mr. McB to come out of the baggage claim doors at GSP on Friday night, I took a photo that was supposed to be my Photo Friday. I didn’t get it posted on Friday night and Siri must have decided that the image was not ideal, because said photo is no longer in my camera roll.

Instead, I am sharing a photo taken during our adventures last Saturday. We decided to jump in the car and check out Abbeville and Greenwood, SC. It was a great day to just cruise around the back roads and enjoy time together. Between the two, I liked Abbeville more. It has the cutest little square. There will be a blog post in the future.

There was definitely an Emerald City vibe going on in this shot from Greenwood. I love this shade of green.


Since the Photo Friday post was late, I should probably throw in a bonus. Here’s an image from our trip to Table Rock State Park. When the Lord blesses you with a warm day in early March, you get out an enjoy his creation. This delicate little flower is called a trout lily. It can take seven years for the plant to mature and this wee bloom to appear. I would say it is worth the wait.


Photo Friday 7/52 & 8/52

I was derailed from my posts but for good reason. Last Photo Friday, I was hanging out with my sweet friends, Jen and Ash. I want to keep up with my posts but never at the expense of enjoying real life.

So tonight you’re getting a mega Photo Friday.

1604643_10151917447902233_916864272_nThis image from Valentine’s Day 2014, shows what happened when I tried to replace Mr. McB’s wiper blades. Those stubborn things just didn’t want to budge. With persistence, I managed to replace all three of his blades. Next year, I’ll just get a heart-shaped steak instead.

1604717_10151917671192233_1993584928_nThis week’s photo was taken on Sunday during our trip to Biltmore. It was a great day of exploring the grand estate with wonderful friends. It all makes a girl realize just how lucky she is.



Photo Friday 5/52

motorcycle goes down on an icy streetIt’s not the greatest picture but here’s a shot of a motorcycle that went down on the icy roads on Wednesday morning.  The snow started around 3 on Tuesday afternoon and while we ended up with just about an inch of precipitation, it was a fine, wet snow that morphed into ice on the roads.

I tried a few ways to reach the freeway but all were littered with disabled vehicles. Fearing what I might run into on more curvy routes, I came home. Within an hour of my return, I had word that my office was closed for the day.

I would be thrilled if this is the only snow we see this year.

Photo Friday 3/52

doves eating in the backyard feederI spent much of my day off doing chores and running errands. That routine doesn’t make for the most exciting photos. Just when I thought I might have to resort to sharing a photo of my newly organized pantry, I spotted a dule of doves that was hanging out in the neighbor’s yard. With all their feeders and the bath, it’s a regular bird party most of the time.