Photo Friday 13/52

Mr. McB and I haven’t had much time together lately. Thanks to a class cancellation, he was able to take off for a little road trip this weekend.

This photo was taken at Fort Frederica on Saint Simons Island. The fort was an important defense to keep colonial Georgia from falling into Spanish hands. It’s ruins and earthworks now.

We saw this dogwood tree wrapped in Spanish moss on our way out of the park. The blossoms seem to float in a sea of tangles, I love the effect.


Traveling Thursday – Spring Break

It’s spring break season for universities across the US. Many students take the opportunity to head off to Mexico and the Caribbean for some fun in the sun. Unfortunately, they sometimes have a little too much and things aren’t nearly as fun anymore.

The State Department offers great tips for students who plan to enjoy spring break abroad. They also have a whole site dedicated to student travel.

It’s a little late to plan this year’s trip, but Student Universe also offers a lot of useful travel information and guides.

If you are traveling this spring break, be safe and have fun!

Photo Friday 11/52

Photo Friday 11/52

Mr. McB and I are ships passing in the night. I left for Louisiana EARLY on the morning of the 7th and he left for Houston equally as EARLY on the morning of the 10th, the day I returned home. He won’t be back until late on the 21st. I have to work on the 22nd.

Instead of moping around the house, I decided to get out an enjoy a movie on Friday. I saw a matinee of 300 – Rise of an Empire. This was an entertaining bit of escapism but it wasn’t nearly as good as the original. I assume the third movie will be coming out shortly because this seemed like little more than a bridge to get us to the conclusion of the story.

Photo Friday 10/52

Photo Friday 10/52

My grandmother and I flew down to Louisiana yesterday to visit my parents, brother, SIL, and niece. The visit was a total surprise for my niece. It was so great to see her big smile as she came running off the school bus. I love this kid.

Traveling Thursday – How Do I Pay for This?

We saved up for more than a year to go on our Med cruise. For me that meant being very selective about buying new clothes and shoes. It was a little difficult at first. As the trip became more concrete, I compared cute shoes to a day in Italy and it was easy to keep my wallet closed.

This article provides solid advice on calculating travel costs and budgeting for your next trip.

Do you have any tips and tricks for saving for a trip? What destination are you saving for?

Photo Friday 9/52

While I was waiting for Mr. McB to come out of the baggage claim doors at GSP on Friday night, I took a photo that was supposed to be my Photo Friday. I didn’t get it posted on Friday night and Siri must have decided that the image was not ideal, because said photo is no longer in my camera roll.

Instead, I am sharing a photo taken during our adventures last Saturday. We decided to jump in the car and check out Abbeville and Greenwood, SC. It was a great day to just cruise around the back roads and enjoy time together. Between the two, I liked Abbeville more. It has the cutest little square. There will be a blog post in the future.

There was definitely an Emerald City vibe going on in this shot from Greenwood. I love this shade of green.


Since the Photo Friday post was late, I should probably throw in a bonus. Here’s an image from our trip to Table Rock State Park. When the Lord blesses you with a warm day in early March, you get out an enjoy his creation. This delicate little flower is called a trout lily. It can take seven years for the plant to mature and this wee bloom to appear. I would say it is worth the wait.