Spartanburg Photo Walk – Vacant Lot Edition

I took a load of photos during my walk around downtown Spartanburg. This post focuses on those I took at a vacant lot downtown. It a large space located between two stores. I like the fact that the city didn’t board it up. Instead it’s grassy (mostly) and easily accessible. I’d love to bring Mr. McB here for photos. I think this would make a really cool background.

Lately, I see beauty in surprising places. I think these photos prove that something can be abandoned without becoming an eyesore. I love that things that might seem broken to some, can be lovely with the right eye.

AbandonedThe sunny side of the lot

Spartanburg Photo Walk

This is the first of two posts from my photo walk in downtown Spartanburg last Friday. It was a very bright day so while that caused some photographic challenges, my body was so glad to feel the sun that I didn’t mind.

Statue on the side of the Extended Stay America’s HQ. He is chiseling himself out of a block of iron/clay/mud.

This tree was full of soft pink buds and busy bees.

I love the sunlight on the water here.

This is for Mr. McB as Denny’s is one of his favorites.

The Palmetto and Magnolia Fountain by Berry Bate with the Daniel Morgan Monument in the background.

First Baptist Church of Spartanburg

A fountain at “The George,” USC Upstate’s business school

Bubbling waters at The George

Blues Blvd

Morgan Square
Finally the SC flag is flapping in the most delightful way.

Another busy bee

Spigot fountain behind Denny’s HQ
A subtle reminder to wash your hands before going back to work?