Finny and Benny in SC

Since this is my last day in SC, we decided to head out to Furman University, one of my favorite spots in the area.

Benny has told Finnegan all about our new town in Oregon. Finny thought it was only right to take Benny out for an afternoon in the South. After a walk by the fountains and a stop to smell the magnolias, we made it to the lake. 20140607-200210-72130630.jpg

Benny was very excited until the ducks began to land nearby. Beavers and ducks just don’t mix. We tried to only lob our stale English muffins to the turtles and not the ducks. Benny seemed to enjoy that.

Our trip was but short because of a problem with my phone. We made a quick trip to the AT&T store and seem to be in business again.

The big adventure starts bright and early tomorrow. Catch you down the road…

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