Hubba Hubba Smokehouse

A couple of weeks ago, I spend the day in Flat Rock, North Carolina with my grandmother and aunt.

The primary reason for our visit was Lost Highway, a musical about the life of Hank Williams. We saw this wonderful show at the Flat Rock Playhouse. I look forward to seeing other performances at the playhouse. It is a simple setup but offers professional sound and lighting. We were seated in the third row and had a great view. The seats were comfortable. Patrons can also enjoy beverages during the show as long as they have lids. It might seem like a small thing but I was dealing with a persistent cough when we were there and having a cup of coffee helped me avoid a hacking fit.

Before the show began, my grandmother treated us to lunch at Hubba Hubba Smokehouse. Like most things in Flat Rock, it’s only a short walk from the playhouse.

entrance to Hubba Hubba Smokehouse in Flat Rock, NC

Located at 2724 Greenville Highway, Hubba Hubba has been featured in Southern Living and O Magazine. It is open Tuesday-Saturday and does not take credit or debit cards. There is a small ATM in the courtyard of the restaurant.

You don’t have to get very close to Hubba Hubba to smell the fire and smoke that are responsible for their delectable food.

Hubba Hubba Smokehouse in Flat Rock, NCOrders are placed at a window and then diners can pick from a number of seating areas including outdoor, outdoor under patio heaters, and indoor.

The menu includes pulled chicken, pulled pork, brisket and ribs (Thurs-Sat only). The meat is smoked and served dry. If you want to augment that delicious flavor, they offer a variety of serve-yourself sauces. On our visit the selection included hot chipotle, sweet and spicy tomatillo, vinegar, sweet and “regular.” All were good but I really liked the tomatillo on my pulled pork.

Most folks selected the meal which included bread and two sides. The pulled pork meals is $9.95.  You can decide whether you want cornbread or a bun. The cakey cornbread was tasty and studded with kernels of corn. My aunt got a bun and found that the sandwich came with Hubba Hubba’s “sauteed slaw” and pickles.

While there were a number of sides, we all went with the collard greens and baked beans.

pulled pork dinner Hubba Hubba Smokehouse in Flat Rock, NC

The collards were some of the best I have ever had. They are prepared with sauteed onions and garlic. I’m not a big garlic fan but it works with these tender, flavorful greens. They are a must. 

The beans were definitely homemade and included a mix of varieties. I believe this is commonly known as cowboy beans. They had a good flavor but I found them to be a little saucy for my taste. On my next visit I’ll be ordering the cream corn, succotash, or tomatoes and okra over rice in lieu of the beans.

If you are Flat Rock or Hendersonville, take time to try Hubba Hubba. The food is made with love and it shows.



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