Traveling Thursday – Portable Medicine Cabinet

Looking for an easy way to take an array of over-the-counter remedies along on your next trip? Make your own portable medicine cabinet using a large pill dispenser.  The $2-3 you pay for the pill dispenser is roughly the same price you’d pay for just one dose of an OTC med in the airport or hotel gift shop.

pharm1I came up with this idea when I was traveling for a living. Each compartment holds a certain kind of pill – Advil, Imodium, Benedryl, motion-sickness tablets, or anything else you might need. I used a permanent marker to label each compartment. I purposely left the final box open without a label so I could have some flexibility depending on when and where I was traveling.

pharm2Between Mr. McB and I, this medicine chest has been on a great number of trips and in several countries. Whether in a checked bag or carry-on, this kit has never caused any problems in the security line. I highly recommend making your own  before your next trip.

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