Traveling Thursday – Frommer’s

Oh Frommer’s, how I love your website and all it’s many helpful tools for travelers.
First, let’s talk about the walking tours. When we traveled to New Orleans a few weeks ago, we took two organized tours but I also printed out a copy of the Garden District walking tour from the site. It was easy to follow the instructions and very informative. While I’m a believer in organized tours, I also like to mix it up with some independent exploration and this was a great way to do that. There are walking tour itineraries for a great number of cities. Chicago, Nashville, Atlanta, Boston, Rome and Hong Kong are just a few. Many cities have multiple tours.

This brings me to the city guides. There is so much information on these pages including attraction and restaurant recommendations, tips for getting around, special listings for active pursuits, suggested itineraries and listings of available side trips.

There are other sections on trip ideas and tips/tools.

This site is a great resource for any traveler. Be sure to check it out.




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