Traveling Thursday – Make a list

Last month when Mr. McB and I were headed to my parents for the weekend, I forgot to pack his underwear. I’m a veteran traveler. I’ve packed our bags countless times and yet I almost always work off a list for this very reason. In this case, it was easy and inexpensive enough to run out to the store and correct my mistake but that’s not always the case when you forget something while traveling. This is why you always make a list of what needs to be packed. Always.

As soon as you start thinking of what you want to take, start making that list. TravelSmith has a great printable checklist that can be downloaded from their site. I know many frequent business travelers who use lists like this to create their own custom packing list spreadsheet using their most frequently needed items. They just cross off any unneeded items and add a quantity for those things that they are packing.

The Universal Packing List site is an interesting way to start generating ideas for things that you need to pack and tasks you need to take care of before your trip. There are also a number of apps for this very purpose.

This list could also come in handy once you’re on the trip too. It’s a great way to make sure you haven’t left anything behind when it comes time to pack up and go home. If your luggage is lost and you need to file a claim, the list can be very helpful. Without it, you might not remember to list all the items that were in your bag.

Happy packing and don’t forget the list!


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