Cheerwine – “Born in the South, Raised in a Glass”

CheerwineCreated in 1917, Cheerwine is a popular regional soft drink. It’s the kind of thing that people who move away from this area miss madly. Folks get a bit misty-eyed when discussing Cheerwine; according to legend, one North Carolinian credits the beverage with his longevity. Cheerwine is produced by a family-owned company and has been steadily gaining popularity. More than, it’s been described as “adult crack,” so Mr. McB and I decided we had to try this stuff.

For our testing purposes, the Cheerwine was served in glasses – cold, no ice. McB thought it was very sweet and fruity. He says he would certainly drink it again. He’s not ready to swap his Dr. Pepper addiction for the cult of Cheerwine though.

I thought it was mellow and a bit sweet. I couldn’t really pick up the fruity flavor he was experiencing – in fact, I didn’t get a strong flavor at all. It danced on my taste buds lightly and didn’t burn on the way down like some carbonated beverages do which is surprising since Cheerwine is purported to be more carbonated that other sodas. I liked it a lot and look forward to trying the diet version.

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