Cowpens or Co-pens if you ask Tom-Tom

Canon practice at CowpensLast Saturday we drove up 85 to Cowpens National Battlefield. It is the site of a Revolutionary War victory over the British lead by the reviled Banastre Tarleton. We went this particular Saturday to see the annual encampment and anniversary festivities.

As Mr. McB states in his post, we learned a lot during the outing and enjoyed seeing (and shooting) everything. He mentions the effort these reenactors put into keeping history alive. They were camping out in the cold (OK, South Carolina cold)  at their own expense, wearing uncomfortable costumes in the hopes of honoring those who served, and igniting a bit of patriotism and love of history in all of us. It’s a tall order and I thank them for it.

rangerI also appreciate the ranger who lead our battlefield tour for encouraging us to question the experts and conventional wisdom. He questions many of the facts that are found in historical texts about this and other battles. He’s spent 12 years at the battlefield and studying what happened there. I’m not saying I believe everything he said, I honestly haven’t studied the battle enough. I have to think he knows what he’s talking about in many instances.

The whole experience made we want to learn more about the history of this area. I encourage all of you to visit battlefields, monuments, and historical sites in your area. It shows an appreciation for those who came before and those who work so hard to keep history alive now. You can get some pretty cool pictures, see mine below.

Soldier tentsSoldiers would have used tents like these.

biscuit breakfastWhile these reenactors were currently cutting potatoes, they had just finished baking biscuits. You can see one in the gentleman’s hand. He looks pretty pleased with their finished product.

Bacon and coffeeIn days of old, the coffee would have been in muslin bags. In 2012, filter packs will do.

Redcoat in the woodsRedcoat in the woods

SmittyThe smitty and his wares

chicken timeThis is a little more difficult than grabbing a deli chicken from Wal-Mart.

Laundry must go on – even in battle.

no hills hereThe history books talk about the hills at Cowpens. Ummm, yeah…

This piper is chatting with another visitor.

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