Oregon Trail Day Four

Knowing that traffic in Salt Lake is heinous, I decided to enjoy a late start. It was around 9 when we left for the Great Salt Lake.



Holy Moses, that is a stinky place. I don’t know what causes the stench but I know it is not the salinity because the Dead Sea smells nothing like that. There are also brine flies that help to eat the algae in the lake. The guys refused to pose on the beach or the rocks. They would only submit to the railing of the visitor’s center.


We were back in the car and on our way to Boise. After spotting a sign for the Oregon Trail Educational Center, we decided to make a stop at Glenns Ferry. The museum is found at the Three Island Crossing State Park. This site was a popular river crossing until 1869 when Mr. Glenn began his ferry service.







The settlers who traveled the Oregon Trail faced many perils in pursuit of a better life. While I wasn’t in danger of dying from dysentery or starvation, my journey to Oregon was not without sacrifice but I also thought the risk was worth the chance of a better life and new adventures.

After finishing up at the museum, I was back on my way to Boise. I was feeling pretty tired and hungry so I stopped in at La Tapitia, a Mexican restaurant near the Holiday Inn Express. It was so delicious.


After dinner, I had a burst of energy. I took a walk along the Greenbelt. The path follows the river and passes by the Boise State stadium. I was really impressed. I didn’t know what to expect from Boise but it was really very charming. I hope to visit again.







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