One and done

Mr. McB and I had many regular breakfast spots before moving to Greenville. There is just something nice about starting your day by having someone else take care of you.

We’ve tried a few places since moving to South Carolina but haven’t found our spot. Southern Thymes Cafe’s Living Social special seemed like a perfect opportunity to give them a try. We were so hopeful that they could be our breakfast nook.

We arrived in the Greer restaurant around 11:15 on Saturday morning. Immediately we experienced that “does someone seat us/do we seat ourselves” conundrum that plagues many small restaurants. We spotted an empty booth and decided to seat ourselves. The server was over with menus almost as soon as we sat down. It surprised me that she was so quick since I was getting a cagey vibe from the other diners.

Within five minutes we had placed our order and were sipping our on beverages. Just as I noticed some schmutz on the outside of my water glass, a little bit of a kerfuffle broke out with some of the other folks who were tired of waiting for their meals. I just pushed the dirty glass to the side of the table. I didn’t want to deal with asking for a new cup.

We were entertained during our wait. There were kitchen mix-ups, another loud discussion between patrons, and a couple who left without ordering.

I thought there might be some backup because of added traffic from the Living Social deal but I was not prepared to wait a little more than 30 minutes to get our breakfast. There were no systems in place. People who came after us received their food at least five minutes before our meals arrived. Their dishes seemed more complex than ours. It made no sense. There were moments when meals would come to the pass and a slew of servers would have to discuss the items to determine who they belonged to. It was very poorly organized.

By time the food arrived around 11:55, we were starving. I ordered French toast and a side portion of ham. Mr. McB got toast and an omelet with cheese and bacon. I like a little crusty crunch to my French toast but this was just limp. It tasted like batter. The ham was good and plentiful. Mr. McB’s toast was good. His omelet was filled with what he described as “hard” bacon and shredded cheese that was not melted. He said that bacon wasn’t crispy, it was just like having potato chips in your omelet.

We will not be returning to Southern Thymes. I saw a lot of other people leaving food on their plates. Since we were all waiting a long time on our meals, that says a lot. The servers really tried but it was a bad situation for everyone.

Our disappointment continued later in the day when we had an early supper at the Chipotle near Haywood Mall. This location is new and a bit of a disaster. We hoped things would be better since our visit in early January but they were not. We had to wait on white rice but when it arrived, it was gummy and completely without flavor. The pinto beans were like little pink pebbles in my bowl. McB’s chicken was burnt. Until someone tells me that this location has it together, I’ll brave Woodruff Road if I get a Chipotle craving.



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