Traveling Thursday – Be a good group member

Being a good traveler on a group tour or excursion means that you have some responsibility to both the others in the group and the guide. We know that you shouldn’t keep people waiting but you should also communicate if you are going to step away from the group.

During our time in Tuscany, one of the ladies in our group continually strayed away from the pack. These towns are relatively small but full of a winding streets and alleys that make it quite easy to get turned around. She had no idea where she was going or where our meeting point would be and yet she felt comfortable taking off on her own. At one point, most of the group was keeping an eye out for her. No one wants to spend their vacation looking out for a complete stranger.

So how can you be a good group member?
– Before signing up for a group tour or excursion, consider the group dynamic and make sure it blends with the way you want to travel.
– Don’t sign up for a strenuous excursion if you have mobility issues.
– Listen.
– Understand the tour itinerary. If you really want to see the inside of a site but it’s not on the itinerary, don’t assume you will be able to make it happen. Ask questions before booking the trip.
– If you need to take a break or step away from the group, talk to the guide. They should be able to make suggestions and at least minor accommodations. It will be far less embarrassing to chat with the guide than to have everyone searching for you.

What tips do you have for being a good group member?




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