Traveling Thursday – Expanded cell phone use on flights

The FCC is considering action that would give airlines the right to allow passengers to use cell phones during flights. While there is some debate as to what kind of service is available, it appears that calls do not interfere with ground-based networks which is part of the reason they were initially banned.

It might be safe but is it a good idea? I think not. Air travel is already a chore. Why give people another excuse to behave badly?

Some will say there is no difference between these calls and a live conversation between two passengers, I don’t agree. I suspect that service will be spotty at best which means we can look forward to being on flights with people yelling into their phones.

Others will remind us that phones are allowed on trains and ask why they should not be allowed on planes if there are no safety concerns. Many trains have quiet cars where talking is not permitted. Train passengers also have the flexibility to move around. This is not the best comparison.

What do you think of the prospect of cell calls during flight? Whatever your opinion, you can comment on the proposed FCC rule now through Feb. 14, 2014. Simply visit their site and search for proceeding number 13-301. Your comments will be public record.

If passed, airlines would have the right to allow calls but would not be forced to do so. For more on what some of the major carriers are thinking, visit this link. 

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