Devil is in the Details

I love taking photos of tiny little details. To some, these may seem insignificant but for me, these little facets make my memories rich and clear.

erice italy architectural detailWhat am I talking about? Take a look at this shutterdog or bracket found in Erice. Others might have completely overlooked this architectural detail but for me, it speaks to the charm of this little village. I remember the winding streets, thick fog giving way to stunning vistas, and delightful little touches like this one. Trapani and Erice are relatively close to Tunisia. Do you see an Arabesque look to this bust?

This is the sign that leads visitors the the public bathrooms in Erice. It comes as no surprise that the town is filled with little ceramic stores.

erice_bathroomErice’s many decorative door knockers also captured my attention. I wonder about the discussions that went into selecting these items. Were the chosen to impress the neighbors? Did they cause the owner to smile? Are they leftover from previous owners much to the chagrin of the current occupant?

erice_knockererice_handThe door below is in Trapani. Was this dog intended to keep away unwanted guests or evil spirits? He is decidedly less friendly than the door knockers.

trapani italyThis gargoyle is part of the Fountain of Saturn in Trapani. Long dry, the water pipe takes on the look of a cigar in the grotesque mouth. There is something humorous about the whole scene.

trapani smoking gargoyleOther details are not diminutive but still add to the general feeling that goes along with a place and can bring to mind the similarities. This bright blue door is a stunning contrast to the warm sandy color of the building. Bright doors are common in Mediterranean Europe and also remind me of the bright doors and shutters found in New Orleans, a town marked by European influences.

trapani_brightblueDetails can also show us what is important. Both Erice and Trapani featured many religious details. Clearly faith, in particular the Catholic faith, is important to those who live in this part of Sicily.

a shrine to Mary in Trapanitrapani_anchorNear the fishing port in Trapani

erice_maryMary watches over Erice from this perch near the scientific college.

trapani mary jesusMary and the baby Jesus are found on the duomo or cathedral gates in Trapani. This mirrors the large statue found in the port area.

trapani_jesusAnother image of Jesus from the gates

Next time you are traveling, look around for the little details.
What do they tell you about the place you are visiting and those who live there?

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