Traveling Thursday – Riding the Bus or It’s OK to be Afraid

A few weeks ago, I took Greyhound from Greenville to Atlanta to help my employer save a little money while I was attending a conference. This was my first experience with Greyhound and the bus station.

As I sat down to wait, I immediately went on full alert. My senses were heightened and every noise or sudden movement made me jumpy.  I am normally a mellow traveler but I was not in my normal travel environment. I was in a situation where it made sense for me to be weary. It was new and I was alone. I hate to admit to being afraid but I was.

By time I boarded the bus, I had begun to talk with other passengers who were waiting and gradually became more comfortable. The bus ride itself was a treat. I had a row of seats to myself and enjoyed the free wifi while I stretched out. Really, it was the most relaxing drive to Atlanta that I’ve ever had.

When I left Atlanta to come home, I was a little better prepared for the bus station but still felt a bit uncomfortable. There is a stark contrast between the order of an airport and the chaos of the bus station.

The point of this post isn’t about the bus but it is about the fear we experience in an unfamiliar setting. It’s OK to be scared. Sometimes our fear keeps us safe by prompting us to be smarter and more vigilant. So don’t avoid new experiences, whether on a trip or in your daily life, but give yourself a break if you give in to fear now and again.

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