Traveling Thursday – Beauty Bargains

Christmas clearance sales can be the perfect time to stock up on the toiletries for your travels in the coming year.

Remember those special “value” sets of fragrances and lotions or “limited edition” holiday makeup palettes? These items are now half-off and the price is bound to drop again in a few days. These special deals can be found at all levels of the retail ladder – drug, discount, and department stores. A bevvy of deals can also be found at Bath and Body Works semi-annual sale.

Last year I bought a set of four body-sprays for two dollars. I found all of the fragrances to be nice and light. They’re not my favorites but they’re also inexpensive so if I leave one in the hotel, it’s no big loss. The same is true for the discounted eyeshadow I bought on clearance last year. They were cheap enough that I tossed some of the more outlandish colors and kept those that fall within my comfort zone. The colors don’t have as much staying power as my normal makeup but for vacation, they work just fine.

This is also a great time of year to stock up on manicure sets and other beauty tools. These might not be durable enough for daily use but they work just fine for vacation and again, if you leave them behind, it’s no great loss.

Happy bargain hunting!




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