Traveling Thursday – Tip of the Hat

On a recent business trip, Mr. McB and his coworkers used the hotel’s free shuttle to go to dinner. On the return trip, one of the coworkers asked if the driver could stop at a store so she could buy some personal items. The driver gladly complied with her request. When the group left the shuttle, they tipped the driver. He was surprised that they would tip him.

I ran into a similar situation when the valet helped me with a few bags while the bellman was otherwise engaged. He was generally shocked when I pressed a few dollars into his hand.

On a walking tour a few years ago, I was the only person (out of a group of 30) to tip our fantastic guide.

I chose to believe that this isn’t a case of people being cheap but rather a lack of understanding of the importance of tipping workers within the hospitality industry. These folks (porters, valets, housekeepers, guides, drivers…) are there to make your experience special. You can reward their hard work with a tip in addition to learning their names and bragging about them on surveys and/or in your TripAdvisor review.

TravelSense offers a handy tipping guideline card. Magellan’s has a handy grid and Conde’ Nast offers a great article about tipping customs around the globe.

I highly recommend looking at your trip in advance and setting aside your tipping money in a special envelope. By putting the money aside, you know that you have the right denomination and by physically separating them, you won’t feel like the tips are cutting into your spending money.

3 thoughts on “Traveling Thursday – Tip of the Hat

  1. I agree with you and Charlotte. These are typically folks who work for minimum wage and tips are a saving grace, in an age with very little of that. I’m always terribly embarrassed if I find myself without cash so it’s a great idea to have a separate “stash” for tips. Thanks!!

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