Traveling Thursday – Seat guru

Aisle? Center? Window? If only the chore of selecting an airline seat was this simple. Before selecting a seat for your next flight, visit SeatGuru. The site offers hundreds of plane diagrams and detailed information on which seats you should book and which you should try to avoid based on legroom, proximity to the lavatories, and other factors.

Trying to decide between business and coach? The site gives you information on seat width and pitch in each class.

The site also shows information on the amenities found on the plane. When comparing long-haul flights, it might be worth a bit more to you if you have your own seat-back entertainment unit instead of the overhead projectors/monitors found on some flights.

Using the site isn’t a guarantee that the seat you want will be available but at least if you find yourself in a “red” seat you can prepare yourself for what lies ahead.

Of course there’s always the chance you’ll get the seat of your dreams only to find yourself sitting by someone who just came down with the flu. Unfortunately, there’s now way to predict that.

2 thoughts on “Traveling Thursday – Seat guru

  1. Oh how I wish you’d blogged this a month ago šŸ˜‰
    Flight to the UK was horrible entertainment wise – my seat was right by the overhead tv unit (no seatback units on the plane) and flashed in my eyes all night and even though I had bagged an emergency exit seat (for an extra $29) there still wasn’t enough room to get comfy.
    Coming back I ended up with a window seat but this time the video unit was so far down the plane I couldn’t see 1/3 of it due to the overhead lockers blocking my view.
    Was so glad I still had the kindle and ready 3 books on the flight back. Strangely enough, the non emergency exit seat actually had a decent amount of leg room and I didn’t have issues with my knees in the back of the chair in front.

  2. That’s both disappointing and encouraging to know that you were just as satisfied with the non-emergency row seat. I’ve had the bulkhead on an international flight be never the emergency row. Bulkhead is a mixed bag since I had a bit more legroom but the others in my row seemed to constantly need to retrieve items from the overhead bin.

    I’m definitely not a fan of the overhead projection. I either have a difficult time seeing it or it’s all too visible when I’m just trying to sleep. I would pay a little more ($50 or less) to have my own seat-back set.

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