Operation Biscuit – Week Four

I’ve fallen behind in my pursuit of the perfect biscuit recipe. McB was sick and it felt wrong to subject him to biscuit experimentation during his illness.

Pretty tops and bottomsThis morning, I got us back on track with Plain Chicken’s 7Up Biscuits. Even before I tasted these little bits of heaven, I loved that these biscuits take so few ingredients – just Bisquick, 7Up, sour cream, and butter. The flavor is amazing and the biscuits are so tender and moist. These are definitely the best biscuits that have ever come out of my kitchen.

Of course it can’t all be rosy, the actual preparation is just a bit tricky because the dough is so soft/moist. I had to add about 1/4 cup of Bisquick so I could make it stiff enough to pat out and then cut the biscuits. I had to use a spatula to lift the biscuits from my board and into the pan because they fell apart when I tried to use my hand. All the little headaches of dealing with this dough are worth it because moist dough makes for melt-in-your-mouth biscuits.

Now for the other cloud in this otherwise sunny experiment, McB said that the biscuits were “very good” and then added “for biscuits.”  He went on to say that he would have preferred a piece of toast. Who in their right mind would want a dry piece of toast instead of this moist, buttery biscuit? Only my sweet husband.

So the search continues…

6 thoughts on “Operation Biscuit – Week Four

  1. It’s designed to be a cut out but I might make them as drop biscuits the next time I prepare them. I might also just press the dough into my pan and then pull away the excess or even just throw the whole thing in there and then make cuts so they’re square biscuits. It’s so good, most people (not McB) would want to make as many biscuits from it as possible.

  2. I’ve found that I have to use up to 1 cup of extra Bisquick to make it he dough manageable, and it doesn’t affect the outcome of the biscuits. They’re still awesome. Messy, but awesome. 😉

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