Huntin’ Camp BBQ and Grill

After our big adventure at the Poinsett Bridge and Carl Sanburg House, we stopped at The Huntin’ Camp BBQ and Grill in Traveler’s Rest for dinner. Located at the corner of Highway 25 North and Goodwin Road, Huntin’ Camp is a wooden building with lots of outdoor seating and a large parking lot.

Inside, Huntin’ Camp has a fun rustic decor with lots of “stuffed” animals. People, it’s called Huntin’ Camp and you are there to eat meat. What did you expect? After visiting the men’s room on the way out, McB said there was a taxidermied wild cat perched over the urinal. That goes beyond the pale but the rest of the decor is within reason and goes with the theme.

This delicious basket of hush puppies arrived at our table when we were seated. It’s just a crying shame that McB doesn’t eat hush puppies and they were mine, all mine.

I love the sides that come with BBQ so after surveying both the menu and the buffet, I chose the buffet. Most of the items on the menu came with predetermined sides (fries and slaw) and I wanted something different. McB decided on a steak with fries and mac-n-cheese.

WHAT I WANT TO MARRY FROM THE BUFFET (You know, if marrying bacon is legal, why can’t I marry other food items?): the peach cobbler and Alabama white BBQ sauce


WHAT I LIKED FROM THE BUFFET: bbq chicken, pulled pork, mac-n-cheese, green beans and potato salad



WHAT I WOULDN’T PICK AGAIN: baked beans (not a strong dish for SC bbq restaurants) and hash and rice



McB’s steak and fries were good. The mac-n-cheese was cold and since he’s not a complainer, he refused to send it back. He enjoyed the meal and given the size of the portions, he was full despite skipping the pasta.


Overall, we give Huntin’ Club a good review. The buffet allowed for a nice variety and plenty of sides and may be the best of all options.


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