Getting back out there

As I mentioned before, I am seeking gainful employment. Thanks to my wonderful husband and his great job, I have the luxury of being selective about which jobs I apply for. I can’t tell you how thankful I am for that.

Today marked my first interview since settling into South Carolina. Interviewing when you don’t have to work is a completely different ballgame. I certainly worked to showcase myself in the best way possible but I wasn’t desperate to do so. It is said that an interview is a two-way street with potential employers working to impress as well. I really felt that today.

After the interview, I’m definitely interested in the job. It is a good match for my skills. My potential supervisor and coworker seem like great people and more importantly, they seem happy with their jobs. That is huge.

At the same time, I will understand if they select someone else. I am good  great at what I do, but there are some parts of the job that I haven’t done in years. I understand that another candidate might be better for those needs and if that’s the decision they arrive at, I’ll be OK. I will chalk it up to experience and a really nice conversation with some fun folks.



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