Honey, I’m home.

Southern girl gets a job in the Midwest. Southern girl meets and marries native New Yorker. What a Yankee?! No he’s a Dodger’s fan. Southern girl and her boy live happily in the Midwest for years (and years) but her heart wants to come home and her psyche cannot take another gray Ohio winter. After a few almost opportunities, it’s the boy who gets a job in the South and the long journey home begins. Now after nearly seven months apart, they’re back together and starting a new life in the South. He’s working crazy hours and she’s temporarily unemployed but they love each other so everything works out nicely.

This blog is my story of how I’m figuring out this new life. I’ve blogged before and honestly, I’m not sure why I stopped. I miss putting my thoughts and feelings out there, even if it’s just for me…though I hope it won’t be. This is my way to share joys, laughs, and frustrations. It’s my way to push myself to write again. I can’t wait to see where this blog and my new life are going to take me.

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