Traveling Thursday – Privileges of Membership

Are you a member of a zoo, garden, or museum? Did you know that many of those attractions offer reciprocal membership benefits at other facilities across the country? This could mean that you would enjoy free, or greatly reduced, admission during your travels. It’s a great way to save money and take full advantage of an existing membership.

The AZA offers this list of zoos with reciprocal membership benefits.

For other types of attractions, check your membership materials or the member’s section of their website.

Traveling Thursday – Grocery store souvenirs

Last summer while traveling in Switzerland, I was appalled at the prices of…well, nearly everything. I wanted to bring home some souvenirs but I was not willing to spend a small fortune on meaningless nick-knacks.

Thankfully, I was able to solve my problem with just a little trip to the grocery store. Instead of picking up items that would simply collect dust, I bought a variety of cookies, jams, and chocolate that were uniquely Swiss for a fraction of the cost. I did a little research and also picked up a few small bottles of Rivella, a soft drink that is made with byproducts of the cheese-making process. None of my friends and family were disappointed with their gifts, in fact most were eager to try something new and “exotic.”

Next time you’re visiting a new place, even in the states, take a trip to the supermarket when looking for a low-cost souvenir. Ask around to find out if there’s a special item that’s popular with the locals and then bring it home for the special people in your life. This type of gift allows them to experience your travels more than a t-shirt or snow globe. It will also prove to be much easier on your pocketbook.