Traveling Thursday – What to have in the car during the winter

If you’re winter travel plans mean driving in the snow, it’s a good idea to gather the items below and put together and emergency bag for your car.

Blankets or an emergency sleeping bag
Bottled water
First aid kit (or at least bandaids and pain reliever)
Non-perishable food items like nuts, peanut butter crackers, dried fruit or granola bars
Flashlight (Crank-style is ideal.)
Flares or glow sticks (to make your car visible if you slide off the road)
A can of Fix-A-Flat
Sand or kitty litter (for traction and to give you a bit more weight)
Windshield washer fluid
A shovel (you can find compact models that easily fit in the trunk)
Windshield scraper and/or small broom

These items should help keep you safe until help arrives.