Time to bloom again

DSC_0277This orchid was a gift from a wonderful friend who vastly over-estimated my ability to care for plant life. I tried so hard to be a good orchid owner and yet the delicate blooms did not have the sunlight, water, or attention needed. The plant is still alive but it is missing much of its beauty.

Sadly, this orchid could be an illustration for my creative spirit. When I had time for photography, this blog, and crafty projects, my creativity flourished. I felt vital, serene, and attuned to the universe. Now, I feel like part of me has been stripped away. I’ve let other things take up the space that I need to devote to me. It is a mistake that I make far too often for my own comfort.

I intend to fix that.

Inspired by sweet my friend, Mr. McB and even our engineering students, I want to create again. I want to document the things that make this life worth living. I need these things to make myself happy. I want my blossoms back and I am determined to see that it happens.