Photo Friday 5/52

motorcycle goes down on an icy streetIt’s not the greatest picture but here’s a shot of a motorcycle that went down on the icy roads on Wednesday morning.  The snow started around 3 on Tuesday afternoon and while we ended up with just about an inch of precipitation, it was a fine, wet snow that morphed into ice on the roads.

I tried a few ways to reach the freeway but all were littered with disabled vehicles. Fearing what I might run into on more curvy routes, I came home. Within an hour of my return, I had word that my office was closed for the day.

I would be thrilled if this is the only snow we see this year.

Photo Friday 3/52

doves eating in the backyard feederI spent much of my day off doing chores and running errands. That routine doesn’t make for the most exciting photos. Just when I thought I might have to resort to sharing a photo of my newly organized pantry, I spotted a dule of doves that was hanging out in the neighbor’s yard. With all their feeders and the bath, it’s a regular bird party most of the time.

Photo Friday 2/52

DSC_0267The polar vortex ruled the news and tormented most of the country this week. We never hit zero but temperatures dipped to the single-digits. This kind of cold hasn’t been felt in our area since 1985.

Thanks to the cold, many people dealt with frozen pipes. I’ve heard that plumbers are booked for the next two weeks. Home improvement stores have sold out of plumbing supplies.

The image above was the homemade spigot cover that our property management company asked us to construct. The spigot is inside an old gym sock (clean but small hole in the toe) and wrapped with a dish towel. There is some duct tape securing this construction. The whole thing is wrapped in a plastic bag. I think MacGyver would be proud.

Photo Friday 1/52

I’ve tried Project 365 twice but failed each time because I am not committed, or interesting, enough to take and post one photo each day of the year. In an effort to document the year while avoiding the disappointment of another failed Project 365, I have decided that I will take and post one photo each Friday in 2014.

For tonight, we have buffalo chicken dip and scoops for the Orange Bowl, or employer bowl as I like to call it having worked for both schools. Which one am I pulling for? Go Bucks!

buffalo chicken dip